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Exciting 2020 PDWs to 'broaden your sights'

  • 1.  Exciting 2020 PDWs to 'broaden your sights'

    Posted 08-01-2020 22:26

    Dear colleagues


    I'm excited to share details of this year's SIM PDWs that promises a stimulating weekend of opportunities to broaden your sights. Topics covered include: innovation and entrepreneurship, indigenous worldviews, business and human rights, system transformation, philosophy and responsible innovation, teaching, the dark-side of stake holder engagement, and the measurement of social impact.


    We have a total of 8 PDWs running over the weekend, with four being undertaken synchronously and the four offering opportunities to connect and participate asynchronously.


    A big shout out to all who have balanced time zones, platforms, and panellists' schedules to make these work.


    Session #





    Other organisers and Presenters


    The Influence of Societal Values on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Harrison, Jeffrey

    Sunday, Aug  9 2020    6:00am-  8:00am

    Real-time Open

    Sharon Alvarez (Organizer and Presenter)
    Jeff Harrison (Organizer and Presenter)

    Sybille Sachs (Organizer and Presenter)



    Raphael Cohen

    Israel Drori

    Shai Harel

    Amalya Oliver

    Maximilian Palmie

    Zur Shapira




    Broadening our Sight: Learning and Honoring Indigenous Worldviews

    Henriques, Irene

    Sunday, Aug  9 2020    2:00pm-  4:00pm

    Real-time Open

    Irene Henriques (Panellist/Organizer)

    Ana Maria Peredo (Panellist/Organizer)


    Panellists and Mentors

    Rick Colbourne

    Bettina Schneider

    Robert Anderson

    Bob Kayseas

    Bobby Banerjee

    Kiri Dell

    Ella Henry

    Mary Beth Doucette


    A Research Agenda for Business and Human Rights: Exploring Synergies with Other Disciplines

    Rehbein, Kathleen

    Friday, Aug  7 2020    9:00am- 11:00am

    Real-time Open

    Kathleen Rehbein (Organizer)

    Michelle Westermann-Behaylo (Organizer)



    Andrew Crane

    Enrico Fontana

    Elisa GiulianiItaly

    Jette Steen Knudsen

    Jeremy Moon

    Annie Snelson-Powell

    Tricia Olsen

    Harry van Buren


    Broadening our Sight to System Transformation: Doing Research that Matters in the Anthropocene

    Waddock, Sandra

    Sunday, Aug  9 2020    8:00am- 10:00am

    Real-time Open

    Sandra Waddock (Organizer)

    David Wasieleski (Organizer)



    David Korten

    Martina Linnenluecke

    Erica Steckler

    Laura Albareda

    Stephen Brammer


    Exploring Responsible Innovation using Philosophical Methods

    Neesham, Cristina

    Refer to program for asynchronous connection


    Cristina Neesham (Organizer)



    Andreas Georg Scherer

    Thomas Donaldson

    Marian Eabrasu

    Piotr Tomasz Makowski


    Teaching CSR, Ethics, Sustainability: Case Teaching, Computer-based Simulation, Consulting Projects

    Lee, Jae Hwan

    Refer to program for asynchronous connection


    Jae Hwan Lee (Organizer)



    Dawn Elm

    Jared Harris

    Adele Santana

    Mike Hendron


    The Dark Side of Stakeholder Engagement: Troublesome Relations Between Firms and Stakeholders

    Sachs, Sybille

    Refer to program for asynchronous connection


    Sybille Sachs (Organizer)



    Jeff Harrison

    Jonathan Bundy

    Audrey Korsgaard

    Antoinette Weibel



    How Theories and Measurement of Social Impact Matter in Research-Year 2

    Rawhouser, Hans

    Refer to program for asynchronous connection


    Hans Rawhouser (Organizer)



    Alessia Argiolas

    Jessica Jones

    Leonardo Marques

    Anna Spoza

    Guillermo Casanovas

    Ralph Hamann

    Gorgi Krlev

    Shova Tharpa Karki

    Gregg Vanderheiden








    Don't forget to join us on Friday at 3pm (EST) for coffee/cocktails in the SIM NETworking event. A great opportunity to connect with old and new friends.


    Looking forward to seeing you all at some stage – in some format or other – across the weekend.


    Warm regards

    Colin Higgins

    2020 SIM PDW Chair


    Associate Professor Colin Higgins

    Department of Management

    Deakin Business School


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    Deakin University

    Melbourne Burwood Campus

    221 Burwood Highway

    Burwood, Victoria 3125



    Telephone: +61 3 9244 6103




    Deakin University CRICOS Provider Code 00113B




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