Woxsen University, Hyderabad - Sustainability Curriculum Transformations - July 15-19 Celebrations

When:  Jul 15, 2024 from 10:00 to 11:00 (ET)

In 12 months Woxsen University’s business school is transforming its entire undergraduate and MBA curriculum, much of its research and its positive activism to be fully aligned with the need to create a poverty-alleviating sustainable/flourishing/regenerating world. And it is doing so with no outside financial support (rapidly and “for free”). Its goal is to inspire all business schools to do the same by showing it is fun, easy, and free to do so.

Please join and participate in the free virtual open houses July 15 to 19 at 10 to 11 AM EDT each day at the following web sites: July 15: Kicking off the adventure. July 16: Aligning research. July 17: Transforming courses. July 18: Student-led positive activism. July 19: Going forward – emerging plans for 2024/25.

Monday, July 15- kicking off the transformations:



Tuesday, July 16 – research initiatives for a sustainable world:



Wednesday July 17 – aligning all course for a sustainable world:



Thursday July18 – student-led positive activism for a sustainable world:



Friday July 19 – next steps for Woxsen and its partners”


Looking forward,

James Weichert/ James AF Stoner



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