very year, the SIM Division presents awards under the following eight categories at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

Sumner Marcus Award

The Sumner Marcus Award is given in recognition of and appreciation for outstanding contributions of service and scholarship to the field.

2019 Winner: Oliver Williams (University of Notre Dame)

2018 Winner: Stefanie Lenway (Univ of St. Thomas)

2017 Winner: Dawm Elm (Univ of St. Thomas)

Ann Buchholtz Mentor Award

The Ann Buchholtz Mentor Award is given in recognition of excellence in mentoring.

2019 Winner: Jeanne Logsdon (University of New Mexico)

2017 Winner: Donna J. Wood (Univ of Northern Iowa)

SIM Best Book Award

The SIM Best Book Award honors the book rated to have the highest relevance to SIM, greatest contribution to the field, and strongest empirical or theoretical rigor. Potential topics covered by nominated books include, but are not limited to corporate social responsibility/performance, business ethics, stakeholder theory, corporate governance, issues management, sustainability/environment, reputation, and compliance.

2019 Winner:

Author(s): Andrew Hoffman (University of Michigan) & P. Devereaux Jennings (University of Alberta)

Title: Re‐engaging with Sustainability in the Anthropocene Era: An Institutional Approach, Cambridge University Press, 2018

2019 Finalists:

  • Ryan Burg (Bucknell University), Business Ethics for a Material World: An Ecological Approach to Object Stewardship, Cambridge U Press, 2018
  • Kathryn Moeller, The Gender Effect: Capitalism, Feminism, and the Politics of Corporate Development, University of California Press, 2018

2018 Winner:

Author(s): Michael Pirson (Fordham Univ)

Title: Humanistic Management: Protecting Dignity and Promoting Well-Being

2018 Finalists:

• Alexandra Christina , Timothy L. Fort (Indiana Univ), Sincerity Edge: How ethical leaders build dynamic businesses

• Ted London (Univ of Michigan), The Base of the Pyramid Promise: Building Business with Impact and Scale

2017 Winner:

Author(s): Jennifer J. Griffin (George Washington Univ)

Title: Managing Corporate Impacts: Co-Creating Value (Cambridge Univ Press)

2017 Finalists:

• Brad Agle; Aaron Miller (Brigham Young Univ), Bill O’Rourke (Duquesne Univ), The Business Ethics Fied Guide

• Frances E. Bowen, After Greenwashing: Symbolic Corporate Environmentalism and Society (Cambridge Univ Press)

Best Business Ethics Paper Award

The SIM Best Business Ethics Paper Award was created in June 2017 by Ed Freeman and Michelle Greenwood, Editors-in-Chief of the Journal of Business Ethics. The SIM Division membership is fully appreciative of the Journal’s generous sponsorship of this new award, which acknowledges the prominence of business ethics research in the Social Issues in Management domain.

2019 Winner:

  • Laura Albareda (Lappeenranta University of Technology) & Alejo Jose Sison (University of Navarra), Common Paradigm: Embedding Common Good and Collective Action, Insights from Ethical and Economic Foundations

2019 Finalists:

  • Petya Koleva (Coventry University), An Empirical Model for Islamic CSR Grounded in Theory and Practice
  • Gaston De Los Reyes (George Washington University), The Political Imperative to Do the Good There is No Business Reason
  • Marian Eabrasu (South Champagne Business School) & Arthur Gautier (ESSEC Business School), From Donor Motivation to Recipients Welfare: A New Agenda for Corporate Philanthropy Research

2018 Winner:

• Andrew Crane (Univ of Bath), Genevieve LeBaron (Univ of Sheffield), Kam Phung (York Univ, Canada), Laya Behbahani (Simon Fraser Univ), Jean Allain (Monash Univ), Innovations in the Business Models of Modern Slavery: The Dark Side of Business Model Innovation

2018 Finalists:

• Jeewon Cho (Oregon State Univ), Jung Hyun Lee (Univ of Michigan, Dearborn), Yoonjung Baek(Kyunpook National Univ), Rajnandini Pillal (California State Univ, San Marcos), Se Hyung OH (Hyanyang Univ), Ethical Leadership and Performance Controlling for the Full-Range Model and Authentic Leadership

• Vivien E. Janenelle (Texas A&M Univ, Central Texas), Cueing Morality: Are All Moral Foundations Recognized Equally by Shareholders?

• Matt Quade (Baylor Univ), Rebecca Lee Greenbaum (Rutgers Univ, New Brunswick), Julena Bonner, Alexander Romney (Utah State Univ), Management without Morals: The Detrimental Impact of Amoral Management

• Smith Kishor Trivedi (San Francisco State Univ), Escaping Poverty: Women Entrepreneurs’ Journeys toward Empowerment and Sustained Livelihood

2017 Winner:

Author(s): Niki Den Nieuwenboer (Univ of Kansas), Gary R. Weaver (Univ of Delaware)

Title: Context, Meaning and Agency in Moral Disengagement: A Symbolic Interactionist Perspective

2017 Finalists:

• Simona Giorgi (Boston College), Richard P. Nielsen (Boston College), Mine and Yours: Ethics Discourse Framing and Sitduational Appropriateness

• Mark Schwartz (York Univ), Sophia Maria Kusyk (York Univ), Ethical Decision-Making Theory: Revisiting the Moral Intensity Construct

• Victoria Louise Roberts (Univ of Melbourne), Mara Olekains (Univ of Melbourne), Patrice Auger (Melbourne Business School), Understanding the Effect of Moral Efficacy and Moral Identity on Moral Imagination

• Kai Christian Bormann, Ute Poethke, Carina Cohrs, Jens Rowold, (TU Dortmund Univ), Doing Bad Through Being Selective in Doing Good: An Examination of Ethical Leadership Variability

• Shoeb Mohammad (York Univ), Bryan W. Husted (Univ Tecnologico de Monterrey), Contextual Determinants of Firm Adherence to Legal and Professional Rules in Developing Countries

• Judith Schrempf-Stirling (Univ of Richmond), Harry J. Van Buren (Univ of New Mexico), Bringing Human Rights Together with Management Studies: Themes, Opportunities, and Challenges

Best Sustainability Paper Award

The Bucknell Best Sustainability Paper is a new SIM paper award supported by Bucknell University. This award recognizes an exemplary paper accepted on the program that makes the greatest contribution to our knowledge of environmental or social sustainability.

2017 Winner:

Author(s): Sébastien Mena (Cass Business School - City Univ London)

Title: Unintended Consequences of Corporate Sustainability: Sustaining Social Inequality in Rural Côte d’Ivoire

2017 Finalists:

• Jeffrey Gauthier (State Univ of New York), Jeff Kappen, (Drake Univ), Rhetorical Strategies of Validity and Propriety: Legitimization of Genetically Modified Foods

• Joel Marcus (York Univ), Jason Roy (Wilfrid Laurier Univ), Values, Personality, and Sustainability Behavior: An Integrative Analysis

• Norman Sheehan (Univ of Saskatchewan), B-Schools are Failing Sustainability: Overcoming Threshold Concepts When Teaching Sustainability

• Dan Zhao (Univ of Michigan), Strategic Compliance across Public and Private Ownership: Drinking Water in the U.S.

SIM Best Paper Award

Honoring the best paper submitted to the division, the paper receiving this award is recognized for its relevance to SIM, contribution to the field, methodological or theoretical rigor, and presentations.

2019 Winner:

  • Elise Perrault (College of Charleston) & Kelly Shaver (College of Charleston), Integrating normative, descriptive, and instrumental approaches to corporate social responsibility: The critical role of attributions

2019 Finalists:

  • Ningyu Qian (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) & Shadi Yang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Is Bribery-Corruption Relationship a Substitute or Complement for CSR?
  • Vivek Soundararajan (University of Bath) and Michael Bloomfield (University of Bath), Business-to-Business Conflicts and Environmental Governance in Supply Chains
  • Josiah Drewry (George Washington University) & Cory Maks-Solomon (George Washington University), Why do Corporations Engage in Activism on LGBT Issues?

2018 Winner:

• Andrew Crane (Univ of Bath), Genevieve LeBaron (Univ of Sheffield), Kam Phung (York Univ, Canada), Laya Behbahani (Simon Fraser Univ), Jean Allain (Monash Univ)

Title: Innovations in the Business Models of Modern Slavery: The Dark Side of Business Model Innovation

2018 Finalists:

Author(s): Emanuele Luca Maria Bettinazzi (EMLYON Business School), Anne Jacqueminet (Bocconi Univ), Kerstin Neumann (Univ of Innsbruck), Peter Maria Snoeren (Tilburg Univ)

Author(s): Vivien E. Janenelle (Texas A&M Univ, Central Texas)

Title:Cueing Morality: Are All Moral Foundations Recognized Equally by Shareholders?

Author(s): Jean-Pascal Gond (City Univ London), Laurence Vigneau (Newcastle Univ), Michael E. Johnson-Cramer (Bucknell Univ)

Title:How Do Measures Become Academically Acceptable? A Case Study of the KLD Database

2017 Winner:

Author(s): Nolywé Delannon (Laval Univ), Emmanuel Raufflet (HEC Montreal)

Title: Creolization as Resistance to PCSR: The Contested Field of the Past at the Guiana Space Center

2016 Winner:

Author(s): Brent D Beal (Univ of Texas at Tyler), Roger Conaway (EGADE Business School), Marina Astakhova (Univ of Texas at Tyler) & Oliver Laasch (Univ of of Manchester)

Title: Income Inequality: Value Flow Analysis, Market Narratives, and Organizational Practice

SIM Best Student Paper Award

Based on the same criteria as the Best Paper Award, the Best Student Paper Award recognizes students who present exemplary work at the AOM meeting.

2019 Winner:

Author(s): Josiah Drewry (George Washington University) & Cory Maks Solomon (George Washington University)

Title: Why Do Corporations Engage in Activism in LGBT Issues?

2019 Finalists:

  • Szilvia Mosonyi and Laura Empson, From Hippies to Suits: Nested Paradoxical Tensions in CSR Consultants’ Identity Work
  • Giacomo Ciambotti (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) & Matteo Pedrini (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), Hybrid-Diversified Business Models in Social Enterprises: Increases in Revenues with a Social Mission
  • Jaehyun Choi (York University Schulich School of Business), “CSR Management Forecast Quality and Financial Return: Function of CSR Fit

2018 Winner:

Author(s): Chintan Kella (Luiss Guido Carli Univ), Tomislav Rimac (ESCI-Pompeu Fabra Univ), Francesca Capo (Luiss Guido Carli Univ), Keren Gurses (Luiss Guido Carli Univ)

Title: When Hunter Gets Hunted: Role of Resilience in Institutional Change

2018 Finalists:

• Robin Schnider (Univ of Zurich), Patrick Haack (Univ of Lausanne), Andreas Scherer (Univ of Zurich), Legitimacy Judgments about Corporate Tax Avoidance: A Deliberation Experiment

• Alexandra Dobra (Univ of Warwick), Implicit Ethical Behaviour and Emotion Responses in Asset Management: An Exploratory Study

• Benjamin Thomas (Univ of Nebraska), Kristen Lucas (Univ of Louisville), Development and Validation of the Workplace Dignity Scale

2017 Winner:

Author(s): Xinran Joyce Want (Univ of Tennessee), [Co-authors: Rhonda K. Reger (Univ of Missouri), Wenjun Zhou & David W. Williams (Univ of Tennessee)]

Title: Cross-Border Social Disapproval: Social Media, National Animosity, and Nationalism as Mobilization

2017 Finalists:

• Adam James Nix (Aston Univ), [Co-authors: Stephanie Decker, Carola Wolf & Kirit Vaidya (Aston Univ)], The Social Foundations of Organizational Corruption

• Sarah Stephen (Univ of Lausanne),The Evolution of Emergent Practices in Mature Organizational Fields

2017 Semi-Finalists:

• Camille Roger Meyer (Univ Libre de Bruxelles), Building New Commons on Community Institutions: The Case of Self-Managed Microfinance Organizations

• Kshitij Awasthi (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Lucknow), [Co-author: Rejie George Pallathitta (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Lucknow)], Determinants of Selection of Ex-Bureaucrats as Board Members: A Study of Firms in India

SIM Best Dissertation Award

The Best Dissertation Award recognizes an exemplary thesis relevant to the SIM division content areas. Criteria include its relevance to the domain, the significance of its contribution, the adequacy of its literature review, conceptual development, methodological appropriateness, and presentation style.

2019 Winner:

Author: Yong Hyun Kim (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Title: Global Supply Chain Dynamics in the Mobile Handset Industry

2019 Finalists:

  • Chacko George Kannothra (University of Birmingham, UK), Managing Social Business Hybrids in Global Contexts: The Case of Impact Sourcing Providers
  • Vontrese Dees Pamphile (George Washington University), Social Evaluations in Organizational Philanthropy

2018 Winner:

Author: Francois Neville (McMaster Univ, Dissertation completed at Georgia State Univ)

Title: Essays on the Role and Influence of Top Managers on Firm Interactions with Secondary Stakeholders

2018 Finalists:

• Mark DesJardine (HEC Paris, Dissertation completed at Western Univ), The Causes and Consequences of Corporate Short-Termism

• José Carlos Marques (Univ of Ottawa, Dissertation completed at McGill Univ), A Strategic Management Perspective on Transnational Private Regulation: Theory and Evidence from the Global Apparel Industry

2017 Winner:

Author: David Risi (Univ of St. Gallen)

Title: An Institutional Theory Perspective on the Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility within Large Firms: Empirical and Conceptual Considerations

Advisors: Thomas Beschorner (Univ of St. Gallen), Chris Steyaert (Univ of St. Gallen)

2017 Finalists:

• José Carlos Marques (Univ of Ottawa), A Strategic Management Perspective on Transnational Private Regulation: Theory and Evidence from the Global Apparel Industry

• Laura J. Noval (WU Vienna), Affective Influences on Ethical Decision Making: The Roles of Mood, Incidental Emotions, and Affective Forecasting