SIM Division Committees

Workshop Committees

Doctoral Consortium: Michelle Westermann-Behaylo (University of Amsterdam)
Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair: Jared Peifer (Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College)
Junior Faculty Development Workshop Chair (with ONE/PNP): Nolywe Delannon (Laval University)
Junior Faculty Development Workshop Co-Chair (with ONE/PNP): Pushpika Vishwanathan (University of Amsterdam)

SIM Nominating Commitee

David Wasieleski (Chair, Duquesne University), TBD, Andy Wicks, Jill Brown

Research Committee

Jim Weber (Chair, Duquesne University) and Kathy Rehbein

Curriculum Committee

Jae Hwan Lee (Chair, Hamline University), Adele Santana, Need new member*

Award Committees

Best Paper Award Committee: Jonathan Bundy (Chair, Arizona State University), Colin Higgins, Rob Phillips
Best Student Paper Award Committee: Chair (Need replacement): Anne Barraquier, Paul Harper, Sarah Glozer
Best Dissertation Award Committee: Chair (Need replacement): Lea Stadtler, Nikolay Dentchev, Yong Kim (last winner)
Best Book Award Committee: Chair (TBD), Theodore Issa, Jukka Makinen, Sarah Stephen
Sumner Marcus Award Committee: Jill Brown (Chair, Bentley University), David Wasieleski, Andy Wicks
Ann Buchholtz Award Committee: Lori Ryan (Chair, San Diego State University), Archie Carroll, Harry Van Buren
Best Ethics Paper Award Committee: Cristina Neesham (Chair, Newcastle University), Noushi Rahman, Kam Phung, Petya Koleva  

Communication Team

The SIMian (Newsletter) Co-editor: Florian Findler (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
The SIMian (Newsletter) Co-editor: Jae Hwan Lee (Hamline University)
The SIMian (Newsletter) Co-editor: Benjamin Alexander (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University)
The SIMian (Newsletter) Past Editor: Jegoo Lee (Stonehill College)
Listserv Manager (AOM Connect): Vincenzo Vastola (Imperial College)
Division Webmaster: Daniel Alonso-Martínez (Universidad de León)
Social Media: Kam Phung (York University)