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2021 SIM Awards

  • 1.  2021 SIM Awards

    Posted 09-04-2021 04:09

    Please note that this announcement is being reposted due to important omissions in a previous version.


    The SIM Division is pleased to announce the 2021 award recipients.

    Congratulations to the winners and nominees!

    William C. Frederick SIM Best Dissertation Award

    The Best Dissertation Award recognizes an exemplary thesis relevant to the SIM division content areas. Criteria include its relevance to the domain, the significance of its contribution, the adequacy of its literature review, conceptual development, methodological appropriateness, and presentation style. This award is being generously supported by anonymous donors in honor of William C. Frederick.

    2021 Winner:
    Author: Iteke van Hille
    A Balancing Act: Convening Cross-Sector Partnerships to Strengthen Sustainable Development in Global Supply Chains

    2021 Finalists:

    • Kate (Katarzyna) D. Odziemkowska,"The Allies of Others: How Stakeholders' Relationships Shape Non-Market Strategy"
    • Ignas Bruder, "Essays on Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Organizing – An Ethically Focused Practice-Based Perspective"


    SIM Best Student Paper Award

    Based on the same criteria as the Best Paper Award, the Best Student Paper Award recognizes students who present exemplary work at the AOM meeting.

    2021 Winner:
    Author(s): Yassin Denis Bouzzine and Rainer Lueg
    The reputation costs of executive misconduct accusations

    2021 Runner-up:

    • Ma Zicheng, Heng Liu, Wenwen An and Liang Wang, "CEO social class perception and employee-related CSR? Evidence from Chinese privately owned firms"


    2021 Finalists:

    • Kaushik Mukherjee, Hyun-Soo Woo, John Berns, & Jisun Kim, "Examination of Entry Mode of Foreign Competition & Domestic Corporate Social Responsibility Response"
    • Marcelo De La Cruz & Jelena Spanjol, "Social Value in Business: An Interdisciplinary Integrative Review, Typology, and Research Agenda"
    • Adrian Gombert & Rebecca Ruehle, "Three dimensions of legitimacy and their meaning in the context of multi-stakeholder initiatives"


    SIM Best Paper Award

    Honoring the best paper submitted to the division, the paper receiving this award is recognized for its relevance to SIM, contribution to the field, methodological or theoretical rigor, and presentations.

    2021 Winner:

    Author: Hong Bui

    Title: Systems Exploitation under the Name of Modern Slavery


    2021 Runner-up:

    • Judith Schrempf-Stirling and Florian Wettstein"Public and Private Governance in Business and Human Rights: A Dynamic Model of Mutual Influences"


    2021 Finalists:

    • Lea Stadtler & Luk Van Wassenhove, "Coping with Difficult Place Characteristics: Insights from a Cross-Sector Partnership"
    • Gabriela Gutierrez Huerter O, Stefan Gold, Alexander Trautrims, "Rhetorical field settlement of the issue of modern slavery: Framing in the UK construction sector"
    • Yongjun Zhang, "The Power of Shareholder Political Transparency Activism"


    SIM would like to thank the Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University for the generous support of this award.


    SIM Best Business Ethics Paper Award

    The SIM Best Business Ethics Paper Award was created in June 2017 by Ed Freeman and Michelle Greenwood, Editors-in-Chief of the Journal of Business Ethics. The SIM Division membership is fully appreciative of the Journal's generous sponsorship of this new award, which acknowledges the prominence of business ethics research in the Social Issues in Management domain.

    2021 Winner:

    Author(s): Aishwarya Shahrawat and Kanika Bhal,

    Title: "Ethical blindfolding at work"

    2021 Runner-up:

    • Mattheus Dall Agnol; Luiz Kabbach De Castro and Dulce Redin"In the multitude of words, sin is not lacking: An analysis of codes of ethics across Fortune 500"

    2021 Finalists:

    • Chase Thiel, Nicholas Prince, Zhanna Sahatjian, "The (Electronic) Walls Between Us: How Electronic Monitoring Undermines Ethical Leadership"
    • George Banks, Roxanne Ross, Allison Toth, Scott Tonidandel, Wenwen Dou, Atefeh Mahdavi Goloujeh, "A Signaling Theory Approach to Ethical Leadership Behaviors"


    ONE-SIM Outreach Award

    As a collaboration between the SIM and ONE division, this award recognizes researchers who excel at reaching out to non-academic audiences and share best practices.

    • 2021 Winners: Michel Anteby and Curtis K. Chan for outreach related to their paper "A self-fulfilling cycle of coercive surveillance: Workers' invisibility practices and managerial justification"" (Organization Science, 2018)


    SIM Best Book Award

    The SIM Best Book Award honors the book rated to have the highest relevance to SIM, greatest contribution to the field, and strongest empirical or theoretical rigor. Potential topics covered by nominated books include, but are not limited to corporate social responsibility/performance, business ethics, stakeholder theory, corporate governance, issues management, sustainability/environment, reputation, and compliance.

    2021 Winner:
    Author(s): Genevieve LeBaron
    Combatting Modern Slavery, (Polity Press, 2020) 

    2021 Finalists:

    • David Wasieleski, Sandra Waddock and Paul Shrivastava, "Management and the Sustainability Paradox: Reconnecting the Human Chain", (Routledge, 2020)
    • Christopher Marquis, "Better Business: How the B Corp Movement is Remaking Capitalism", (Yale Press, 2020)

    Sumner Marcus Award

    The Sumner Marcus Award is given in recognition of and appreciation for outstanding contributions of service and scholarship to the field.

    2021 Winner: Shawn Berman (University of New Mexico)

    Vincenzo Vastola
    SIM AOM Connect Manager
    Montpellier Business School
    Montpellier, France