Domain Constitution and policy

Domain Statement

The Social Issues in Management (SIM) Division studies the social issues, institutions, interactions, and impacts of management. The common logic of SIM scholarship is our shared interest in understanding responsible behavior by organizations and the people and groups working in and around them. Such investigation leads us to ask fundamental questions about the ethical systems, roles, functioning, and legitimacy of business institutions. Members also bridge scholarship to applied social practices, developing understanding and methods to promote social change and sustainable development.

Specifically, we address:

Individual and organizational ethics. Descriptive, including behavioral, work covers individual characteristics, group/organizational influences, and firm-environment interactions. Prescriptive work includes ethical theories; e.g., rights and justice, and the study of norms, values, and moral principles.

Organizational and systemic governance. The study of relationships and responsibilities covering both top-level corporate and within-organization governance, and social/environmental governance, including regulatory partnerships, corporate corruption/compliance, strategic issues/public affairs management, and corporate political activity.

Stakeholder behaviors, relationships, and systems. Descriptive approaches illuminate interactions with multiple stakeholders; e.g., corporate philanthropy and management of natural environmental issues. Instrumental approaches investigate the impacts of stakeholder management on firm goals. Prescriptive approaches consider the organization’s responsibilities to stakeholders; e.g., corporate social responsibility, corporate social performance, corporate citizenship; and stakeholders’ responsibilities to the organization.

The Constitution of the SIM Division

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Social Issues in Management Division of the Academy of Management.

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SIM Division Five-Year Review

Here are all materials for the SIM Division 5-Year Review Reports in 2015.

 The 2015 SIM Division 5-Year Review Report

 The 2015 SIM Division 5-Year Review Feedback

 The 2015 SIM Division 5-Year Review Checklist

 The 2015 SIM Division 5-Year Review Metrices

Below are the SIM Division 5-Year Review Reports from previous years (2010 and 2005).

 The 2010 SIM Division 5-Year Review Report

 The 2005 SIM Division 5-Year Review Report

Governance Committee Meeting Minutes

The SIM Governance Committee generally meets twice per year, a Winter Phone Conference and in August at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting. Below are links to recent meeting minutes.

• Summer 2019 Meeting Minutes (Boston, MA, August 12, 2019)

 Summer 2017 Meeting Minutes (Atlanta, GA, August 6th, 2017)

 Summer 2016 Meeting Minutes (Anaheim, CA, August 7th, 2016)

 Summer 2015 Meeting Minutes (Vancouver, Canada, August 9th, 2015)

 Summer 2014 Meeting Minutes (Philadelphia, PA, August 3rd, 2014)

 Winter 2014 Meeting Minutes (Call-in, January 16th, 2014)