SIM Best Paper Award

Honoring the best paper submitted to the division, the paper receiving this award is recognized for its relevance to SIM, contribution to the field, methodological or theoretical rigor, and presentations.

SIM would like to thank the Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University  for the generous support of this award

2023 Winner:

  • Jennifer Goodman, Minna Halme, Jouni K. Juntunen, “Sustainability-oriented Innovation for system-level impact”

2023 Finalists:

  • Matthew Deeg, Jennifer Golden & Sarah Easter, “Managing meaning with recruitment efforts: meaningfulness portrayals by companies in SIN indsutries”

  • Nil Gulari, Anna Dziuba, Anna Heikinnen & Johanna Kujala, "Knowing through artist-led practices for the inclusion of nature as a Stakeholder"

2022 Winner:

  • Adrian Gombert, “Deliberation without romance (nor cynicism). The role of corporations in deliberative democracy”

2022 Finalists:

  • Michael Nalick & Andrew Schnackenberg, “Creating organizational folk devils: The influence of moral panic on misconduct and spillover”

  • Maria Paola Ometto & Carly Offidani-Bertrand, “Camouflaging and leveraging race: How entrepreneurs deal with racial issues”

2021 Winner:

  • Hong Bui, “Systems Exploitation under the Name of Modern Slavery”

2021 Runner-up:

  • Judith Schrempf-Stirling and Florian Wettstein“Public and Private Governance in Business and Human Rights: A Dynamic Model of Mutual Influences”

2021 Finalists:

  • Lea Stadtler & Luk Van Wassenhove, “Coping with Difficult Place Characteristics: Insights from a Cross-Sector Partnership”
  • Gabriela Gutierrez Huerter O, Stefan Gold, Alexander Trautrims, “Rhetorical field settlement of the issue of modern slavery: Framing in the UK construction sector”
  • Yongjun Zhang, “The Power of Shareholder Political Transparency Activism”

    SIM would like to thank the Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University for the generous support of this award.

    2020 Winner:

    • Anna Eckardt and Daina Mazutis, “Banking for a Low Carbon Future: Explaining Climate Change Responses in a Low-Salience Industry”

    2020 Finalists:

    • Peter Moran, Wouter Rosingh, Michele Simoni and Han Ming Chng, “Beyond Prosperity: How Market-Shaping Firms Advance Progress”
    • Tae Wan Kim and Jooho Lee, “Corporate Data Governance: Are Data Subjects Investors?”

    2019 Winner:

    • Elise Perrault (College of Charleston) & Kelly Shaver (College of Charleston), Integrating normative, descriptive, and instrumental approaches to corporate social responsibility: The critical role of attributions

    2019 Finalists:

    • Ningyu Qian (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) & Shadi Yang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Is Bribery-Corruption Relationship a Substitute or Complement for CSR?
    • Vivek Soundararajan (University of Bath) and Michael Bloomfield (University of Bath), Business-to-Business Conflicts and Environmental Governance in Supply Chains
    • Josiah Drewry (George Washington University) & Cory Maks-Solomon (George Washington University), Why do Corporations Engage in Activism on LGBT Issues?

    2018 Winner:

    • Andrew Crane (Univ of Bath), Genevieve LeBaron (Univ of Sheffield), Kam Phung (York Univ, Canada), Laya Behbahani (Simon Fraser Univ), Jean Allain (Monash Univ)

    Title: Innovations in the Business Models of Modern Slavery: The Dark Side of Business Model Innovation

    2018 Finalists:

    Author(s): Emanuele Luca Maria Bettinazzi (EMLYON Business School), Anne Jacqueminet (Bocconi Univ), Kerstin Neumann (Univ of Innsbruck), Peter Maria Snoeren (Tilburg Univ)

    Author(s): Vivien E. Janenelle (Texas A&M Univ, Central Texas)

    Title:Cueing Morality: Are All Moral Foundations Recognized Equally by Shareholders?

    Author(s): Jean-Pascal Gond (City Univ London), Laurence Vigneau (Newcastle Univ), Michael E. Johnson-Cramer (Bucknell Univ)

    Title:How Do Measures Become Academically Acceptable? A Case Study of the KLD Database

    2017 Winner:

    Author(s): Nolywé Delannon (Laval Univ), Emmanuel Raufflet (HEC Montreal)

    Title: Creolization as Resistance to PCSR: The Contested Field of the Past at the Guiana Space Center

    2016 Winner:

    Author(s): Brent D Beal (Univ of Texas at Tyler), Roger Conaway (EGADE Business School), Marina Astakhova (Univ of Texas at Tyler) & Oliver Laasch (Univ of of Manchester)

    Title: Income Inequality: Value Flow Analysis, Market Narratives, and Organizational Practice