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  • If you are not already an AOM member, join the Academy of Management. When joining, be sure to select Social Issues in Management (SIM) in your Divisions and Interest Group selections.
  • If you already are a member (or your membership has lapsed) and have not yet chosen our group, you can add the Social Issues in Management (SIM) division for $11.00 now or the next time your renew your membership online.
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    Join SIM!

    Joining SIM is easy. As a member of AOM (Academy of Management), you have a choice of complimentary memberships in two of the 25 divisions and/or interest groups. So select "SIM" as one of your preferences!

    IF you are not an AOM member yet, follow the simple online application process here.

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    Social Media: There are several ways to get connected with SIM Division using the following social media. Please click each icon if you want to get connected through facebook, linkedin, and/or twitter.