ONE-SIM Outreach Award

As a collaboration between the SIM and ONE division, this award recognizes researchers who excel at reaching out to non-academic audiences and share best practices.

  • 2023 Winners: Suntae Kim and Anna Kim for outreach related to their paper "Going viral or growing like an oak tree? Towards sustainable local development through entrepreneurship?"

  • 2022 Winners: Mark Desjardine & Randolphe Durand for outreach related to their paper "Disentangling the effects of hedge fund activism on firm financial and social performance"

  • 2021 Winners: Michel Anteby and Curtis K. Chan for outreach related to their paper “A self-fulfilling cycle of coercive surveillance: Workers’ invisibility practices and managerial justification”” (Organization Science, 2018)

  • 2020 Winners: Edmund Malesky and Markus Taussig for outreach related to their paper “Participation, Government Legitimacy, and Regulatory Compliance: A Firm Level Field Experiment in Vietnam” (American Political Science Review, 2019)