SIM Best Student Paper Award

Based on the same criteria as the Best Paper Award, the Best Student Paper Award recognizes students who present exemplary work at the AOM meeting.

2023 Winner:
Author(s): Yahan Hu & Qinqin Zheng
Alliance as interorganizational governance: R&D alliance and technical CSP in biopharmeceutical industry

2023 Finalists:

  • Samuel Mortimer, “On commodifying what is irreplaceable”

  • Stephanie Villadiego de la Hoz & Emmanuelle Reuter, "The government and authority spillover in Bottom-Up processes of national legal norm adoption: the case of the Swiss responsible business initiative"

2022 Winner:
Author(s): Lambert Zixin Li & Sarah Soule
Corporate activism and organizational authenticity

2022 Finalists:

  • Marcelo De La Cruz and Jelena Spanjol, “For profit firms’ contribution to society: A strategic orientation perspective”

2021 Winner:
Yassin Denis Bouzzine and Rainer Lueg
Title: The reputation costs of executive misconduct accusations: An upper echelons and abuse of power perspective on high-profile #MeToo accusations in the US

2021 Runner-up:

  • Ma Zicheng, Heng Liu, Wenwen An and Liang Wang, "CEO social class perception and employee-related CSR? Evidence from Chinese privately owned firms“

2021 Finalists:

  • Kaushik Mukherjee, Hyun-Soo Woo, John Berns, & Jisun Kim, “Examination of Entry Mode of Foreign Competition & Domestic Corporate Social Responsibility Response”
  • Marcelo De La Cruz & Jelena Spanjol, “Social Value in Business: An Interdisciplinary Integrative Review, Typology, and Research Agenda”
  • Adrian Gombert & Rebecca Ruehle, “Three dimensions of legitimacy and their meaning in the context of multi-stakeholder initiatives”

2020 Winner:
Author(s): Alessandro Tirapani
Revisiting Conflict: Neoliberalism at Work in the Gig Economy

2020 Finalists:

  • Karin Knorr, “Is Corruption Imprinted? A Study on Preconditions of Corruption in Post-Communist Countries”
  • Ana Dahik, “Cross-Sector Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Understanding Community (dis)Engagement”
  • Audrey-Anne Cyr, “In Search of a Western Relational Management Paradigm: Past Research Paths and Future Directions”

2019 Winner:

Author(s): Josiah Drewry (George Washington University) & Cory Maks Solomon (George Washington University)

Title: Why Do Corporations Engage in Activism in LGBT Issues?

2019 Finalists:

  • Szilvia Mosonyi and Laura Empson, From Hippies to Suits: Nested Paradoxical Tensions in CSR Consultants’ Identity Work
  • Giacomo Ciambotti (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) & Matteo Pedrini (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), Hybrid-Diversified Business Models in Social Enterprises: Increases in Revenues with a Social Mission
  • Jaehyun Choi (York University Schulich School of Business), “CSR Management Forecast Quality and Financial Return: Function of CSR Fit

2018 Winner:

Author(s): Chintan Kella (Luiss Guido Carli Univ), Tomislav Rimac (ESCI-Pompeu Fabra Univ), Francesca Capo (Luiss Guido Carli Univ), Keren Gurses (Luiss Guido Carli Univ)

Title: When Hunter Gets Hunted: Role of Resilience in Institutional Change

2018 Finalists:

• Robin Schnider (Univ of Zurich), Patrick Haack (Univ of Lausanne), Andreas Scherer (Univ of Zurich), Legitimacy Judgments about Corporate Tax Avoidance: A Deliberation Experiment

• Alexandra Dobra (Univ of Warwick), Implicit Ethical Behaviour and Emotion Responses in Asset Management: An Exploratory Study

• Benjamin Thomas (Univ of Nebraska), Kristen Lucas (Univ of Louisville), Development and Validation of the Workplace Dignity Scale

2017 Winner:

Author(s): Xinran Joyce Want (Univ of Tennessee), [Co-authors: Rhonda K. Reger (Univ of Missouri), Wenjun Zhou & David W. Williams (Univ of Tennessee)]

Title: Cross-Border Social Disapproval: Social Media, National Animosity, and Nationalism as Mobilization

2017 Finalists:

• Adam James Nix (Aston Univ), [Co-authors: Stephanie Decker, Carola Wolf & Kirit Vaidya (Aston Univ)], The Social Foundations of Organizational Corruption

• Sarah Stephen (Univ of Lausanne),The Evolution of Emergent Practices in Mature Organizational Fields

2017 Semi-Finalists:

• Camille Roger Meyer (Univ Libre de Bruxelles), Building New Commons on Community Institutions: The Case of Self-Managed Microfinance Organizations

• Kshitij Awasthi (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Lucknow), [Co-author: Rejie George Pallathitta (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Lucknow)], Determinants of Selection of Ex-Bureaucrats as Board Members: A Study of Firms in India