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William C. Frederick SIM Best Dissertation Award

The William C. Frederick SIM Best Dissertation Award sponsored by The Institute for Business Ethics, Duquesne University

The Best Dissertation Award recognizes an exemplary thesis relevant to the SIM division content areas. Criteria include its relevance to the domain, the significance of its contribution, the adequacy of its literature review, conceptual development, methodological appropriateness, and presentation style. This award is being generously supported by anonymous donors in honor of William C. Frederick.

2023 Winner:
Author: Laura Adler
(Harvard University)
From the job's worth to the person's price: Pay-setting, gender inequality, and the changing understanding of fair pay

2023 Finalists:

  • Haram Seo,“Corporate philanthropy as an ideological tool for advocacy”

  • Marcello F. de la Cruz, "Social value in Business: An innovation strategy perspective"

2022 Winner:
Leandro Nardi (HEC Paris)
Title:The rise of impact-oriented strategies: Value creation and socio-environmental firm level goals

2022 Finalists:

  • Oriane Georgeac,“The business case for diversity backfires: Deterimental effects of organizations’ instrumental diversity rhetoric for underrepresented group members’ sense of belonging and performance”

  • Ju Young Lee, “Essays on the emergence and mainstreaming of social investment in the US 1980-2018”

2021 Winner:
Iteke van Hille
Title: A Balancing Act: Convening Cross-Sector Partnerships to Strengthen Sustainable Development in Global Supply Chains

2021 Finalists:

  • Kate (Katarzyna) D. Odziemkowska,“The Allies of Others: How Stakeholders' Relationships Shape Non-Market Strategy”
  • Ignas Bruder, “Essays on Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Organizing – An Ethically Focused Practice-Based Perspective”

2020 Winner:
Author: Greg Molecke
Accounting for Social Impact: Constraints, Cognition, Constructions

2020 Finalists:

  • Bjoern C. Mitzinneck, “Organizing for Sustainable Change: Collective Entrepreneurship in the German Energy Sector”
  • Susana Claudia Esper, “Controversies Around CSR and Sustainable Development: The Role of Stakeholders in the Spiral of Hypocrisy”

2019 Winner:

Author: Yong Hyun Kim (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Title: Global Supply Chain Dynamics in the Mobile Handset Industry

2019 Finalists:

  • Chacko George Kannothra (University of Birmingham, UK), Managing Social Business Hybrids in Global Contexts: The Case of Impact Sourcing Providers
  • Vontrese Dees Pamphile (George Washington University), Social Evaluations in Organizational Philanthropy

2018 Winner:

Author: Francois Neville (McMaster Univ, Dissertation completed at Georgia State Univ)

Title: Essays on the Role and Influence of Top Managers on Firm Interactions with Secondary Stakeholders

2018 Finalists:

• Mark DesJardine (HEC Paris, Dissertation completed at Western Univ), The Causes and Consequences of Corporate Short-Termism

• José Carlos Marques (Univ of Ottawa, Dissertation completed at McGill Univ), A Strategic Management Perspective on Transnational Private Regulation: Theory and Evidence from the Global Apparel Industry

2017 Winner:

Author: David Risi (Univ of St. Gallen)

Title: An Institutional Theory Perspective on the Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility within Large Firms: Empirical and Conceptual Considerations

Advisors: Thomas Beschorner (Univ of St. Gallen), Chris Steyaert (Univ of St. Gallen)

2017 Finalists:

• José Carlos Marques (Univ of Ottawa), A Strategic Management Perspective on Transnational Private Regulation: Theory and Evidence from the Global Apparel Industry

• Laura J. Noval (WU Vienna), Affective Influences on Ethical Decision Making: The Roles of Mood, Incidental Emotions, and Affective Forecasting