SIM Best Book Award

The SIM Best Book Award honors the book rated to have the highest relevance to SIM, greatest contribution to the field, and strongest empirical or theoretical rigor. Potential topics covered by nominated books include, but are not limited to corporate social responsibility/performance, business ethics, stakeholder theory, corporate governance, issues management, sustainability/environment, reputation, and compliance.

2023 Winner:
Jorge Rivera, Chang Hoon Oh, Jennifer Oezel and Viviane Clement
Business adaptation to climate change

2023 Finalists:

  • Susan J. Gilbertz & Damon M. Hall, “Bringing sustainability to the ground level: competing demands in the Yellowstone River Valley"
  • C. B. Bhattacharya, "Smalll actions, big difference: leveraging corporate sustainability to drive business and societal value"

2022 Winner:
Author(s): Andrew Hoffman
Management as a calling: Leading business, serving society

2022 Finalists:

  • Sandra Waddock, “Transforming towards life-centered economics: How business, government, and civil society can build a better world"
  • Sarah Kaplan, “The 360o corporation: From stakeholder trade-offs to transformation"

2021 Winner:
Author(s): Genevieve LeBaron
Combatting Modern Slavery, (Polity Press, 2020) 

2021 Finalists:

  • David Wasieleski, Sandra Waddock and Paul Shrivastava, “Management and the Sustainability Paradox: Reconnecting the Human Chain”, (Routledge, 2020)
  • Christopher Marquis, “Better Business: How the B Corp Movement is Remaking Capitalism”, (Yale Press, 2020)

2020 Winner:
Author(s): Julia Grimm
Private Governance as an Institutional Response to Wicked Problems (Nomos Publishing House, 2019)

2020 Finalists:

  • Morgan R. Clevenger, “Corporate Citizenship and Higher Education: Behavior, Engagement and Ethics (Palgrave MacMillan, 2019)
  • Julia Grimm, “Private Governance as an Institutional Response to Wicked Problems (Nomos Publishing House, 2019)
  • Alnoor Ebrahim, “Measuring Social Change: Performance and Accountability in a Complex World (Stanford University Press, 2019)

2019 Winner:

Author(s): Andrew Hoffman (University of Michigan) & P. Devereaux Jennings (University of Alberta)

Title: Re‐engaging with Sustainability in the Anthropocene Era: An Institutional Approach, Cambridge University Press, 2018

2019 Finalists:

  • Ryan Burg (Bucknell University), Business Ethics for a Material World: An Ecological Approach to Object Stewardship, Cambridge U Press, 2018
  • Kathryn Moeller, The Gender Effect: Capitalism, Feminism, and the Politics of Corporate Development, University of California Press, 2018

2018 Winner:

Author(s): Michael Pirson (Fordham Univ)

Title: Humanistic Management: Protecting Dignity and Promoting Well-Being

2018 Finalists:

• Alexandra Christina , Timothy L. Fort (Indiana Univ), Sincerity Edge: How ethical leaders build dynamic businesses

• Ted London (Univ of Michigan), The Base of the Pyramid Promise: Building Business with Impact and Scale

2017 Winner:

Author(s): Jennifer J. Griffin (George Washington Univ)

Title: Managing Corporate Impacts: Co-Creating Value (Cambridge Univ Press)

2017 Finalists:

• Brad Agle; Aaron Miller (Brigham Young Univ), Bill O’Rourke (Duquesne Univ), The Business Ethics Fied Guide

• Frances E. Bowen, After Greenwashing: Symbolic Corporate Environmentalism and Society (Cambridge Univ Press)