Sumner Marcus Award

The Sumner Marcus Award is given in recognition of and appreciation for outstanding contributions of service and scholarship to the field.

2023 Winner: Robbin Derry (Dhillon School of Business at the University of Lethbridge)

2022 Winner: Harry van Buren (University of St. Thomas)

2021 Winner: Shawn Berman (University of New Mexico)

2019 Winner: Oliver Williams (University of Notre Dame)

2018 Winner: Stefanie Lenway (Univ of St. Thomas)

2017 Winner: Dawn Elm (Univ of St. Thomas)

2016 Winner: Tom Donaldson (University of Pennsylvania)

2015 Winner: Ann Buchholtz (Rutgers University)

2014 Winner: Barry Mitnick (University of Pittsburgh)

2013 Winner: Jim Weber (Duquesne University)

2012 Winner: Bryan Husted (York University)

2011 Winner: Linda Trevino (Penn State University)

2010 Winner: Kathleen Rehbein (Marquette University)

2009 Winner: Duance Windsor (Rice University)

2008 Winner: Jeff Lenn (George Washington University)

2007 Winner: Jeanne Logsdon (University of New Mexico)

2006 Winner: Rich Wokutch (Virginia Tech)

2005 Winner: Tom Jones (University of Washington)

2004 Winner: Sandra Waddock (Boston College)

2003 Winner: John Mahon (University of Maine)

2002 Winner: Phil Cochran (Indianna University)

2001 Winner: Steve Wartick (University of Northern Iowa)

2000 Winner: Donna J. Wood (University of Northern Iowa)

1999 Winner: Edward Freeman (University of Virginia)

1998 Winner: Max Clarkson (University of Toronto)

1997 Winner: Steve Brenner (Portland State University)

1996 Winner: Rogene Buchholz (Loyola University New Orleans)

1995 Winner: Joe McGuire (University of California)

1994 Winner: Keith Davis (Arizona State University)

1993 Winner: James Post (Boston University)

1992 Winner: Archie Carroll (University of Georgia)

1991 Winner: Prakash Sethi (Baruch College)

1990 Winner: Jerry Cavanagh (University of Detroit Mercy)

1989 Winner: Edwin Epstein (University of Berkely)

1988 Winner: Lee Preston (University of Maryland)

1987 Winner: Dow Votaw (University of California)

1986 Winner: Clarence Walton (American College)

1985 Winner: Walter Klein (Boston College)

1984 Winner: William Frederick (University of Pittsburgh)

1983 Winner: George Steiner (McMaster University)