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SIM Elections Results

  • 1.  SIM Elections Results

    Posted 06-03-2023 09:16

    This message is posted on behalf of Katherina Pattit.

    Dear SIM Colleagues,

    I write to share the candidates who won in their respective categories in the SIM Elections that just ended.

    For SIM Program Chair Elect:                   Rajat Panwar

    For SIM Representative at Large (RAL):  Sarah Stephen and Sana Chiu

    For SIM Treasurer:                                     Punit Arora

    Please join me in congratulating our newly elected leadership and thanking them for their willingness to serve! With such a great group of colleagues joining the SIM leadership team, the division is in excellent hands.

    I would also like to thank all the other candidates who ran, yet were not elected in this cycle. I am very grateful for their desire to serve SIM and hope to see them in a leadership role in the future.

    I'd also like to thank the Nominating Committee – Christina Neesham, Colin Higgins, Julia Grimm, and Mike Barnett - who made sure we had excellent candidates for each position.

    Finally, I want to thank everyone in SIM who voted! You made a difference in the outcome.


    Katherina Pattit

    SIM Past Division Chair

    David Skandera
    University of Central Florida
    Orlando FL