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SIM Review Stats & Second SIM Reviewer Workshop

  • 1.  SIM Review Stats & Second SIM Reviewer Workshop

    Posted 23 days ago
    Edited by Michelle Westermann-Behaylo 23 days ago

    Thank you to our SIM Reviewers who are making steady progress!  As of today, 350 reviews are in-process and a big shout out for the 97 reviews already complete (Yay)!  However there are 566 reviews that still haven't been opened yet. Please start--AOM's review deadline is February 15!  Please log into the reviewer center at https://reviewer.aom.org/ to open your review assignments. AOM's emails notifying your reviewer assignments may have been blocked by your university's spam filter, so please check the reviewer center even if you did not receive an AOM notice of a review assignment. 

    Also, if you would like to hone your reviewing skills, sign up by today to join our second SIM workshop on Reviewing Best Practices scheduled for tomorrow.

    January 30th: At 9 a.m. GMT / 10 a.m. CET / 11 a.m. SAST / 2:30 p.m. IST / 5 p.m. SGT. Please register by January 29th via: https://bit.ly/simrev2 

    We have organised this as an hour-long session where experts explain what to expect in the AOM review process, and share best practices for crafting developmental reviews. This online event is open to all SIMians & we warmly invite friends from other divisions. This would also be particularly useful for those who would like to be more active in the division. We hope to see many of you online!
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