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Live PDW # 10151: Broadening our Sight: Learning and Honoring Indigenous Worldviews

  • 1.  Live PDW # 10151: Broadening our Sight: Learning and Honoring Indigenous Worldviews

    Posted 07-22-2020 18:04
    Join us on Sunday August 9, 2020
    Live SIM PDW 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Eastern

    This PDW seeks to bring together Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars who are interested in understanding and advancing research and methods that respect, acknowledge and honor Indigenous Peoples' cultures, values, worldviews and knowledge. There are approximately 476 million Indigenous Peoples worldwide who represent distinct communities whose lives, livelihoods, identities and cultures are inextricably linked to the land on which they/we live and the natural resources on which they/we depend. Dispossession from their land and restriction of access to natural resources, as a result of colonization, have brought not only economic impoverishment, but also a loss of identity which threatens Indigenous Peoples' cultural and spiritual survival. Indigenous Peoples continue to resist economic disenfranchisement and challenge threats to loss of identity by advocating for their rights to cultural and spiritual survival.   European institutional frameworks, philosophy, historical assumptions, paradigms of scholarship and ways of knowing have tended to dominate our research and may have blinded us – hence the need to broaden our sight – to Indigenous knowledge, teachings, science and worldviews that can advance scholarship and knowledge. This PDW seeks to explore how this can be done with the insights of leading Indigenous scholars.

    All are welcome to this insightful PDW!


    Irene Henriques
    Schulich School of Business
    York University